Nylon Powder Coating

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Nylon is a top quality, resilient environmentally sound product. It is manufactured from the oil from the Castor plant. Benefits from choosing this finish are;
  • A superior finish
  • First class chemical and atmospheric protection
  • Resistance to solvents, oils and other chemicals
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Strong with low coefficient of friction

Where is Nylon used?

Water industry - nylon protects installations and water quality.

Buildings - Designers and architects specify nylon coating of handrails as these surfaces 'should be slip resistant and warm to  touch'.

Transportation - Grab rails in trains, trams and buses are nylon coated for the same benefits as above and including ease of cleaning and resistance to bacterial build-up.


Nylon is applied by an electrostatic spray in the same manner as powder products. We can nylon coat items up to 6.5 metre's long.
Colour ranges for nylon are equivalent to powder products in both RAL and BS standards
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