Employee CSCS training material

Read this first;
  1. To get the most current training material you should use the internet and access the Health & Safety Executive web site where you can view many leaflets related to your most frequent day to day work activities
  2. Next you can take practice tests for the CSCS card - review the H&SE material first so that you have some knowledge of each test subject
  3. Fork Lift Trucks -Click here to view the legal requirements for driving a fork lift truck.  This is the information needed to pass a fork lift refresher or beginner training course.  It will launch a new window, use Google translate to convert to Polish
Practice tests
The practice tests found on constructioncardtest.co.uk do not always identify the correct answer solution, therfore it is important that you make use of the reference material information suggested in the links.  You will need to research the topics to have a good understanding of the questions and their correct answer.

Work based tests
A1 have invested in an interactive training program that is officially supplied by CSCS organisation.  It can be used during your lunch break to practice and learn key information in preparation for the real test.  Ask your Manager for more details.

Before starting the Questions below, Watch this short Movie, Scroll to bottom of page

*Revised questions and new material is here
Instructions: When page is open on computer right click and SAVE/Download.  You can then use Adobe Reader to view off-line and navigate pages easier than on-line.

We also have online training for other topics; ?A test will be done at the office for a certificate to be issued


H&SE website - Free Leaflets
Select the menu heading 'Free Leaflets', you will need to scroll down the page to see the different topics.
  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

  • General

  • Chemicals

  • Working at Height

  • Roof work

  • Welfare

  1. When you select a topic and the information is not shown immediately, ensure you choose - DOWNLOAD FREE LEAFLET to see the information at no cost
    **You may need Adobe Reader if not already installed on your computer (do not select Macafee if offered)
  2. You will be shown the current information that is likely to be asked in a CSCS test
  3. Below the Free Leaflet heading you will see 'whats new' which is worth a look to see if any new material is listed related to your work
H&SE website - COSHH Essentials
COSHH stands for 'the control of substances hazardous to health' and therefore is essential reading for our industry.  We frequently have close contact to COSHH products; Paints, Thinners, Dust etc, and without understanding the risks to health you WILL be taking unnecessary risks to both you and others and the Environment.

Whilst not all topics are of immediate relevance, it is worth browsing everything listed for an over view
H&SE Website - Safety Signs & Sinals
The CSCS test asks several questions about signs and signals.  You will need to know them, here is a link to the Safety Signs & Signals brochure, and you can find a quick guide here

H&SE Website - Exposure limits, EH40 rules
Exposure Limits guide provides a detailed list of known hazards and the maximum period that employees should be exposed.  These lists are technical, you only need be aware they exist in regulation EH40 (environmental health 40)

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